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  • Transporting Dangerous Goods and Cargo

    As a transportation provider, Marine Atlantic is governed by and is required to be compliant with all Transport Canada regulations.  As part of our continuous efforts to ensure the safety and security of our activities, effective December 1, 2015, Marine Atlantic is compliant with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code.

    As required, Marine Atlantic will continue to adhere to the Canada Shipping Act (2001), the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR), and the Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations (CFTR) mandate our vessels to ensure the IMDG stowage and segregation requirements are met. 

    When transporting goods and cargo via Marine Atlantic, all customers will be required to meet all necessary Codes and Regulations upon check-in prior to traveling with us.

    Transport Canada has permitted Marine Atlantic vessels to carry packaged dangerous goods subject to the following provisions:

    1. DG Placarding Requirements: TDGR will be applicable for placarding all Dangerous Goods (DG) in packaged form.

    2. Limited Quantity Placarding: Exempted to display the limited quantity placard until December 31, 2020, provided section 1.17(6)(a)(b)(c)(d) are met.

    3. Special Cases: TDGR special cases as applicable from section 1.15 to 1.49 continue to apply for all DG shipments.

    4. Documentation: DG Declaration and Packing Certificate as required under TDGR are mandatory for all DG shipments including limited quantity.

    5. Packing Certificate Declaration: The consignor declaration as required by TDGR section 3.6.1(a) will be deemed equivalent.

    6. Onboard Stowage and Segregation: IMDG Code provisions per section 7.2 and 7.5 will be applicable.

  • Restricted Sailings

    Marine Atlantic schedules restricted sailing crossings on a weekly basis. Carriers are encouraged to contact Reservations @ 1-800-341-7981 for further information on these crossings.

  • R - Single Restricted Departure

    Passenger & Commercial Driver Limit 66 - MV MV Highlanders & MV Blue Puttees
    Passenger & Commercial Driver Limit 51 - MV Leif Ericson
    Passenger & Commercial Driver Limit 67 - MV Atlantic Vision

    RC - Restricted Commercial Only Departure

    Commercial Driver Limit 66 - MV MV Highlanders & MV Blue Puttees
    Commercial Driver Limit 51 - MV Leif Ericson
    Commercial Driver Limit 67 - MV Atlantic Vision

    RR - Double Restricted Departure

    Commercial Driver Limit 12 - All Vessels

    R12 - Single Restricted / 12 Commercial Drivers Only

    Commercial Driver Limit 12 - All Vessels

  • Typical commodities classified as "dangerous goods" include household products, such as: paint, turpentine, batteries, propane for barbecues, javex, toilet bowl cleaner, glue, adhesives and fire extinguishers.