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  • Cell Phone and Internet Service

    We recognize that staying connected while travelling is important to our passengers. With more and more tech-savvy customers bringing devices along during their travel to stay connected with friends, family, and businesses, we are often asked about cell phone, Internet access, and even wireless capabilities onboard our vessels. So, what can you expect while at sea?

    *NEW* Onboard Wi-Fi Pilot Project

    Free Wi-Fi is now available on board all four of our vessels on a trial basis on the North Sydney – Port aux Basques route.  Visit deck 7 on the Atlantic Vision, Blue Puttees, and Highlanders and deck 5 on the Leif Ericson and connect to the network MA-WiFi.

    As this is a pilot project, we will be looking to determine where opportunities for improvement exist and where challenges remain. We know there are geographical considerations, including at the furthest points from land, that will continue to impact connectivity strength. The impact of increased customer usage, especially during our busiest crossings in the summer season, will also be evaluated.

    To help mitigate against some of these challenges, we will first focus on providing access to basic internet usage. Some streaming sites will be blocked due to the amount of bandwidth required to stream videos. For those wanting to access videos during the crossing, we encourage passengers to use download features before boarding the vessel.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Argentia service from a geographical consideration, Wi-Fi will not be available for the entire crossing.

    Free Wi-Fi continues to be available on our terminal grounds through a Bell Aliant hot spot.  

    *NEW* PressReader Now Available

    PressReader is a digital publication service that provides our passengers with complimentary access to a wide variety of English and French magazines and newspapers while sailing with us. You will be able to access, free of charge, well-known publications including Canadian Living, The Hockey News, The Globe and Mail, The St. John’s Telegram, The Cape Breton Post, Reader’s Digest, Le Devoir, Les Affaires, and many, many more.

    To use the PressReader service onboard our vessels, simply connect to the MarineAtlantic-WiFi network at any of our terminal locations, download the PressReader app before you leave port, and choose your favourite publications to read while you sail. 

    Cell Service and 3G Networks: Depending on your service provider, cellular signal and 3G network connections are available for a significant portion of our Port aux Basques - North Sydney route. Cellular signal and network connections are greatly reduced or non-existent on the Argentia - North Sydney route. We recommend you download your favourite shows, movies, or games to your device in advance, or visit one of our comfortable passenger lounges to watch our large screen TVs.