• Relaxing on board

  • Boarding and Disembarking

    At Marine Atlantic, our priority is to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. During boarding, sailing and disembarking, please contact a member of our crew if you have any questions or concerns.

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    • For efficient loading, do not remove your vehicle from the lot once you are checked-in.
    • If you are travelling with a pet, please review our pet policy prior to boarding.
    • The vehicle line-up can be occasionally long, and we thank you for your patience as we assist in bringing you aboard.

    Please note: All passengers sailing from Newfoundland and Labrador are reminded that plant material or produce may not be transported from the province. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will inspect vehicles prior to boarding and all plant material will be confiscated. The department may also wash vehicles prior to boarding to prevent the transport of soil.

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    Loading the Vessel

    • During the loading process, please follow the directions of terminal staff and crew carefully.
    • For safety and vessel stability, loading of passengers might not occur in the order you arrive.
    • You should be ready to leave your vehicle in as timely a manner as possible once loaded. All carry-on items should be ready prior to boarding.
    • Remember warm clothing, medications, and other items you may need during your voyage.
    • Please turn off cell phones during loading.

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    Leaving Your Vehicle

    • For safety and security reasons, passengers are not permitted to return to the vehicle deck once the vessel leaves port.
    • Smoking is not permitted on vehicle decks and is only allowed in designated areas on outside decks.
    • Please watch your step around the vessel for raised thresholds.

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    • Towards the end of the voyage, an announcement will be made updating you of the vessel’s proximity to the destination port.
    • Pets should not be removed from the kennel stowage area until the announcement is made to do so.
    • For safety reasons, upon arrival the vessel must be properly secured to the dock and vehicle ramps must be engaged. These adjustments may take some time depending on tidal conditions in the destination port. We thank you for your patience in waiting to disembark, as this process is necessary before it is safe for customers to begin exiting the vessel.
    • When disembarkation is about to commence, an announcement will be made directing passengers to the vehicle deck. A separate announcement will be made for walk-on passengers.
    • For the health of our employees assisting you on the vehicle deck, do not start your engine until directed to do so.