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  • Doing Business with Us

    Marine Atlantic purchases goods and services in an open and competitive environment, and is proud to offer opportunities to suppliers. 

    Some examples of the products and services we purchase include:

    • Complete line of food and beverage services, galley and restaurant equipment
    • Gift shop, souvenirs, and sundries
    • Equipment, spare parts for vessel engines, navigation, and communication equipment
    • Trucks, forklifts, and hoists
    • Ropes, paints, tools, linens and office supplies
    • Fuels and lubricants
    • Service contracts
    • Vessel refits
    • Insurance
    • Computer software and hardware support
    • Communications and data equipment and services
    • Consulting Services
    • Engineering equipment

    Marine Atlantic Inc. Ro-Pax Vessel Procurement NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (PDF)

    Marine Atlantic Inc. Ro-Pax Vessel Procurement REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (PDF)

    Selected Marine Atlantic business opportunities are also posted on MERX (www.merx.com).

    All purchasing requirements are negotiated through our Purchasing Department.

    Marine Atlantic’s Purchase Order -- Terms & Conditions 

    For more information, please contact us at